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Feb 14, 2011   1 Comment Army Wives, News

Sterling K. Brown’s character Roland has seen his share of ups and downs over the past four seasons of “Army Wives,” but through it all he has been surrounded by a great support network — of women! We asked Sterling what is was like being the only man around.

We Asked: As the lone “Army Husband” what is it like being surrounded by women all day?

Sterling Answered: “I love women! But more specifically, I love these women. These women are my family. We spend half the year with one another, and my life has been greatly enriched because of their presence in my life. It is incredibly easy to love the incredibly lovable.”

Army Wives season 5 returns to Lifetime on Sunday, March 6th.

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One Response to “Sterling Interview From the Set”

February 14, 11 • 10:53 pm

I like that I read. I’ve no doubt that Sterling love women! specially AW women, they are beautiful and talented women! But without “Roland” may they will be different may be less beautiful! lol!
You are the best friend, hubby and dad of ArmyWives

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