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Mar 31, 2012   Comments Off on Catch Up With Your Favorite “Army Wives” Cast Members! This Week: Sterling K. Brown (Roland) Army Wives, Interviews, Television

Ever wonder what your favorite cast members wanted to be when they grew up, or how close they are with the rest of the cast? Well, we’ve got just what you’re looking for!

The crew at Ft. Marshall opens up to Lifetime Moms, check out what Sterling K. Brown (Roland) has to say about new fatherhood and a whole lot more.

Lifetime Moms interview with Sterling K. Brown:

What did you want to be when you “grew up”? Did you always want to be an actor/actress?
Sterling K Brown (SKB) When I was younger, I had this dream of owning one of every fast food chain, so I would always only be in competition with myself… Not really much of a dream when I reflect on it now.

Is there a piece of advice that your mom or dad gave you as a child/teen that still rings true today?
SKB: Do your best.

Does playing a mother/father give you any insights into what parenting is really about?
SKB: In a way, yes. I spend so much time around children during the show, I suppose it primed an already strong desire to become a father… Roland, and Sterling love the kids!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?
SKB: Words With Friends. That’s enough in and of itself. Baldwin, I’m calling you out!

Do you ever have to deal with negative feedback from “fans”? Maybe some Army Wives who don’t appreciate your portrayal (or other characters) on the show?
SKB: When Roland had his affair in season one… Viewers were all too eager to let me know of their disappointment. My mom couldn’t talk to me for a couple of weeks.

Would you/did you ever consider a life in the military? How would you do as a true “Army Spouse”?
SKB: I did not. My mom was a Marine’s wife during Vietnam, and her experience wasn’t the most positive. It takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice, and I’m not sure if I’m up to the challenge. All military spouses have my deepest respect.

With such a busy schedule, how do make time for yourself?
SKB: Playing with my baby, playing sports, watching sports, going to the movies, blah blahblah.

Do you support/participate in any non-profits or charities in any way?
SKB: Yes. Mostly involving mentoring and tutoring children.

How hard is it to start working with a new cast member, especially in a show where you’ve been working together with the same people for quite some time.
SKB: It’s not. New energy is always welcome. It’s nice to get to play with different folks.

How hard is it saying goodbye to someone you’ve worked with for so long?
SKB: Very. I miss Brigid with all my heart. She’s a wonderful actor, and an even better human being. Same goes for Bubba. I wish them all the best in their perspectives futures, which are each exceptionally bright.

Do you get close with the other cast members? Do you see each other once filming is over?
SKB: Of course. This cast is family. Whatever the future holds, we are a part of each others lives indefinitely.

If you found out the spouse/partner of a friend was having an affair, would you tell your friend?
SKB: Each friend is different, and I’ve actually had this conversation with quite a few of them. Some say they’d want to know, others wouldn’t. I would probably confront the infidel first, and let them know that I know. If it was a one time thing, and they were recommitted to their relationship, I’d more than likely keep quiet. If it was an ongoing situation, that they had no intention of stopping, I might have to blow the whistle…. It would have to be a case by case evaluation.

How much does technology play a role in your life? Are you addicted to twitter, Facebook? Do you read any blogs regularly?
SKB: I don’t tweet! I Facebook infrequently, and I visit blogs even less. Sometimes, a day away from technology, alone with my thoughts and God, is absolute bliss!

Have you ever started your own business? If not, would you like to? What would it be?
SKB: No… But if I did… I don’t know. I’ve done this acting thing so long now, I think it’s the only thing I’m really qualified to do.

What is it like working with your wife/husband?
SKB: She’s ah’ight.

How hard is leaving your little one when you both have to work? Do you have family/day care?
SKB: We don’t leave him. He comes to work with us, and hangs out in the trailer with his babysitter. We get to see his precious little face throughout the day.

What’s the best thing about being a dad?
SKB: I have someone in my life that makes me want to be the absolute best version of myself.

How much do you help out with the baby “duties”? Do you change diapers, help feed, etc.
SKB: Besides breastfeeding, I do everything. I enjoy doing it. Ryan buys most of the clothes, but I get to participate in every other conceivable way. Anything that involves my boy, I want to be a part of.

What’s the one thing you wish someone had told you about being a parent- before you became one?
SKB: Nothing. It’s everything I imagined it would be, and more.


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