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Feb 22, 2015   2 Comments Images, Television, Video

Sterling will be on the all new Castle tomorrow at 10/9C on ABC. Check it out!

SYNOPSIS: The episode involves the murder of an astronaut inside a Mars simulation. The simulation has been privately funded by an internet billionaire in preparation for a real Mars mission. To see the victim’s body, the teams heads to the simulation site and Castle seems to be having the time of his life on “Mars”. With all the astronauts accounted for during the time of the murder and the entrance to the simulation site closely monitored, Beckett and co. will have to think outside the box to solve this case.

Meanwhile, Casa de Castle gets overcrowded with Martha’s “companion” and Alexis’s friends over a lot. Unable to have some alone time with Beckett at his own his house, Castle calls a family meeting.

Here is a preview:

2 Responses to “Sterling on ABC’s “Castle” Tomorrow Night”

Sharon Lee Gates
February 24, 15 • 1:44 pm

It would make this website a LOT easier to read if you have dark letters against white background.

Sharon Lee Gates
February 24, 15 • 1:45 pm

Hard to read

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