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Mar 07, 2017   Comments Off on How Black Panther’s Sterling K. Brown Quietly Became America’s Favorite Actor Interviews

I thought this was a nice article on Sterling done by GQ where Sterling talks about his new films Marshall and Predator and of course, This is Us.

Brown told GQ about what he’s doing with his newfound Emmy-winning, franchise-joining star power.

It’s been a year since we last spoke to Sterling K. Brown following his Emmy-winning performance as Christopher Darden in American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson. And what a year he’s had: Not only did the actor win an Emmy, but his next TV role as Randall Pearson on the NBC hit family drama This Is Us earned him a SAG nomination. (His American Crime Story performance also earned him a second nomination that year.) In addition to awards love and a role on the only unquestionable breakout TV hit of the season, Brown has lined up an enviable slate of film roles: A supporting part in Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, a lead role in this Fall’s Marshall, a period drama about Thurgood Marshall’s early career, and a part in Shane Black’s The Predator. To borrow an expression Brown is fond of using himself: The guy’s a beast.

Recently, we reached out to Brown to catch up on what’s been the most successful year of his nearly 15-year career. He spoke to us about his upcoming roles, the ways he’s been motivated to give back even more as his profile has risen, and the importance of having a character like Randall Pearson on This Is Us portray the experiences of a black man navigating a predominantly white world.

GQ: So you’re in the new Predator movie!
Sterling K. Brown: I’m going to Vancouver for a couple of months for this new Predator film. Shane Black is a beast, the script is off the chain. I think it’s a really nice reboot to something that people are familiar with, but it’s gonna turn it over on its heels a little bit. My character’s a very different character than Randall, which is very exciting for me. I won’t elaborate too much more than that, but he’s definitely not Randall. ?

How’d you get involved in the project?
Well, the producers reached out to my agent, they said, We have this wonderful script and Shane is a fan. John Davis, who’s the producer, said, “I’m a fan of Sterling’s and we would like for him to check out the script and see if he’s interested.” And I read it, and it was fantastic, and expressed my interest, and they said “let’s make it happen.?” And I tell you, that’s a pretty cool thing for me personally, because, it hasn’t been like that up to this point in my career. So to receive a call from a producer like Mr. Davis, with a writer/director like Mr. Black, who are interested in Mr. Brown, is alright by me.

To read the entire article visit GQ’s site here.

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