Milo Ventimiglia Raves About ‘This Is Us’ Co-Stars, Says Sterling K. Brown Is the ‘Sexiest Ever’

April 25, 2017

Milo Ventimiglia is keeping busy!

ET chatted with the 39-year-old actor at the Tribeca Film Festival on Monday, where he was premiering his new thriller, Devil’s Gate, in which he plays Jackson Pritchard, the husband of an FBI agent — clearly, a major departure from his beloved portrayal of Jack Pearson on This Is Us.

“I tell you what, they got the same initials. Jack Pearson has three kids, that’s a lot to manage,” he said, when asked what the biggest difference between the two characters is. “But Jackson Prichard has really got a heavy, heavy weight, a heavy burden on his soul.”

We attempted to get Ventimiglia to give us an update on season two of This Is Us, but unfortunately, he couldn’t say much. “I’m sorry, I got nothing,” he explained. “I’m out in Tribeca, we’re off season right now, we’re not even filming. I have no beard, mustache or goatee, so just sit back patiently and wait. There’s 18 great episodes [from season one]. If you want to re-watch them, go ahead. Otherwise, we’ll be back by fall time.”

That didn’t stop him from gushing over his co-stars, however. The California native had nothing but amazing things to say about seeing Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz and Susan Kelechi Watson featured in People’s World’s Most Beautiful issue.

“I knew that Mandy, Chrissy and Susan were in the issue, but I didn’t know their involvement,” he said. “So when I saw those stories, I literally on Susan’s, I pulled over and I was listening to her with that letter to her younger self and I was in tears. And then I saw Chrissy had one and [I had the] same reaction.”

“I get the front row seat to how beautiful those women are as human beings, so it’s nice that fans and audiences see a little bit more through the magazine,” he added.

But does Ventimiglia have any plans to start his own campaign for People’s Sexiest Man Alive with his onscreen brothers, Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley?

“I tell you what, Sterling K Brown is — he’s sexy. He is sexy, dictionary-like classic,” he joked. “Nah, Sterling K. Brown is the sexiest ever, but then there is Justin Hartley. I don’t know!”


Watch Sterling K. Brown in exclusive deleted scene from Split

April 16, 2017

As deleted scenes reveal, Split lives up to its title. M. Night Shyamalan’s return-to-form hit about a killer (James McAvoy) with two dozen personalities was originally a few films in one. In term of running time, it’s actually the director’s longest film in his career, at three minutes shy of two hours. But Shyamalan’s original director’s cut ran a whopping three hours.

A large chunk of the scenes that were deleted concerned Betty Buckley’s Dr. Fletcher and her next-door neighbor, who’s a handsome neuro-physician named Professor Shaw, who she asks for advice about Dissociative Identity Disorder. Dr. Fletcher was the therapist of the lead antagonist and these scenes were scripted to give more background into his condition. As Shyamalan explains in his introduction to this cutting-room-floor clip (above), the scene took too much attention away from his main character.

But, of course, this scene is even more notable for the actor playing Dr. Fletcher’s neighbor. When Shyamalan cast him, Sterling K. Brown had appeared in a respectable number of small movie, TV, and stage roles — but was next-to-unknown. All that changed in early 2016 when Brown starred as attorney Chris Darden in FX’s magnificent The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. That role earned the actor an Emmy Award (and a standing ovation to go with it), not to mention a regular cast part on NBC’s juggernaut This Is Us and the upcoming movies Marshall, The Predator, and Black Panther.

So check out this scene featuring Brown. It’s likely the last time you’ll see Brown in the scrap pile of any movie. Split comes out on Blu-ray on April 18.


Sterling K. Brown: Predator reboot has ‘wicked sense of humor’

April 13, 2017

This Is Us may have wrapped filming on the first season two months ago, but Sterling K. Brown has had little time for victory laps. The Emmy-winning actor — who will likely be in contention for another one later this year — has been shuttling between Vancouver and Atlanta to film two movies, The Predator and Black Panther. He’s keeping his lips sealed for now about Black Panther and his role as N’Jobu, an individual from T’Challa’s past (“When it comes to Marvel Universe, I’ve learned to just leave well enough alone and keep my mouth shut,” he says), and he also can’t reveal very much about The Predator. But maybe he can reveal a little. (And we don’t mean by lifting his shirt.)

Directed and co-written by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon), this reboot of the thermal-tracking, human-hunting alien franchise is the fourth installment in the Predator series and set in present day. Though technically a sequel, it does not continue story lines from 1987’s Predator, 1990’s Predator, or 2010’s Predators. “Shane has his whole take on it and it’s very different than the original Predator,” Brown tells EW. “It’s got a really wicked sense of humor to it, which I love about it. And it’s got a real camaraderie amongst the main characters that I think folks will be attracted to. That’s pretty much all I can say.”

Well, he can tell you one other thing about getting to work on a sequel to a movie that he has loved for decades. “I’m a huge fan of Predator,” he says, “and, of course, everybody loves Jesse the Body [Ventura] and Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and Carl Weathers and Bill Duke. My friends at Stanford used to tease me — being the dark-skinned African-American man that I am — they’d say, ‘Yo, man, you’re going to start getting all [those] Bill Duke roles when you get older.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t look anything like Bill Duke, you guys can kiss my ass.’ So then I booked this movie and I told them and they’re like, ‘Dude, do you even realize that you’re now Bill Duke???’ And I had to go tell them to kiss my ass all over again.”

Hitting theaters in early 2018, The Predator features a cast that includes Brown, Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Thomas Jane, and Jacob Tremblay. Brown will be seen with Chadwick Boseman on the big screen not only in 2018’s Black Panther but also in this fall’s Thurgood Marshall biopic Marshall.

As for his unofficial campaign to play another comic book character, John Stewart, a.k.a Green Lantern, in the now-being-written Green Lantern Corps — “Dear powers that be, if you are looking for someone to play John Stewart, I humbly submit my name,” Brown tweeted in January — Brown has this to offer: “Let me say that the campaign has never been officially launched. That’s just Brown sending out a tweet innocuously in the middle of the night after he recognized that the role needed to be cast. Like ‘Hey, I like Green Lantern, give it a shot.’ No further updates on the development of the Green Lantern pursuit, but I’m still very much interested and intrigued in playing that role.”

Whether or not Brown gets the green light on Green Lantern, he will be back on the small screen this fall when This Is Us returns for season 2.

Happy Birthday Sterling!

April 05, 2017

Happy Birthday to a wonderful actor and man! Sterling, we wish you a wonderful day full of memories and lots of laughs … and a big piece of cake!

Sterling K. Brown Shares How He Got His Incredible 6-Pack

April 04, 2017

Everyone has been talking about Sterling’s 6-Pack since he posted a picture of his abs on Instagram and now you can find out what works for him.

Sterling K. Brown wowed his Instagram followers when he shared a photo of his insane six-pack, but the This Is Us star says he isn’t in the gym 24/7 — he got his impressive abs by working out on his own as much as his schedule allows.

“I try to get something in five days a week,” Brown, 40, tells PEOPLE exclusively of his workout schedule. “My work schedule doesn’t always accommodate my workout schedule, but I make do with what time I’ve got.”

When he does have down time, Brown rotates between a few different types of workouts.

“I love basketball because it’s social, and you’re not even thinking about working out — you’re just playing a game, and getting great exercise at the same time,” he says. “I also run, swim, bike, lift, do yoga. I just try to do something to sweat at least an hour a day.”

Brown — who is currently filming The Predator and Black Panther, and will star in Marshall later this year — tones his abs with a workout loosely based on P90X’s “Ab Ripper X” exercises.

“When I’m doing the program, I’ll do it every other day,” he says. “But I mostly I do an abridged version every day — just enough to keep me from cursing the heavens!”

He also sticks to a healthy diet — most of the time.

“I try to drink a lot of water — it hydrates, curbs appetite, etc.,” he says. “[I eat] carbs at the top of the day, more vegetables than anything else, lean protein and good fat, like avocado, olive oil and DHA. However, Sunday brunch, anything goes!”

While Brown is very motivated on his own, filming The Predator with Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes has given him an extra push to stay on top of his workouts.

“Just seeing how diligent he is in maintaining his body is an inspiration unto itself,” says Brown. “It’s a simple reminder that just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you have to get old.”


Oprah Fangirls Over Meeting Sterling

April 02, 2017

We aren’t the only fans of Sterling! Oprah has joined the fan club!

Sterling Posts Pic with NAACP Award

March 29, 2017

Sterling shared a picture on Twitter with his new NAACP award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for “This is Us”. You can see his original post HERE.

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