Sterling K. Brown
the official site

Name: Kim
Occupation: Script Supervisor
Hobbies: Running, Hiking, Climbing and all around Adventurer
Sterling Connection: I met him in 2009 through a mutual friend, Drew Fuller and adored him so much that I created and then opened this site in 2010. We have been friends since.
Why I Created This Fan Site: I knew Sterling would have his big moment way back in his early Army Wives days. He is incredibly talented and I was able to find all of his early performances and put them all in one site so the world could see his talent too. Through the main site, gallery and media site, fans can see Sterling in various roles through pictures and video clips.
Meeting Sterling: He truly is the most down to earth and most approachable actor I’ve met. He is humble yet caring and I’d advise anyone who sees him on the street, to stop and say hi! He loves his fans and he loves to hear from them.

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